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Gemini Food Corporation Tong and Gemini's extensive ties with manufacturers and customers keep our companies informed about the latest products available. As a result, we can help manufacturers introduce new innovations in appropriate US markets, while we help customers obtain the optimal product mix for each community and marketplace.

Gemini Food Corporation Company Information:
251 benton Court
City of Industry, CA 91789
(909) 839-0018

Gemini Food Corporation History:
" In 1982, Mr. Chiun Mau Tong, a Taiwanese immigrant to the San Francisco area, founded a food distribution company in his garage. His dream of success was much bigger than his $200 in working capital. But through hard work and determination, that dream has paid off. The company soon outgrew Mr. Tong's garage and moved to a public rental storage facility and then to their first office/warehouse facility in 1986. With the Asian population booming, demand for Asian food increased, forcing a move to a second facility in 1988. "